Renée Lemley | Managing Partner ~ Lead Strategist & Writer

It’s been eighteen years since Renée stepped out of what was then one of Baltimore’s most prominent ad agencies to apply her experience as a copywriter, account executive, project manager and producer to building a virtual agency. Running a successful and profitable business for nearly two decades has required an ability to think strategically, cultivate relationships, adapt to changing technology, innovate processes, oversee every aspect of client service and anticipate market demands across a broad array of B2B and B2C industries. And when it comes to the details…she does not mess around.

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Jennifer Koster | Copy Director & Accounts Director

Jenn’s online marketing expertise spans the agency, client-side and — most recently — independent consultant worlds. Previously, Jenn held writing and project management roles at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Erickson Retirement Communities, where she excelled at overcoming the logistical and political challenges associated with large-scale content development projects. Jenn continues to excel at managing people and processes with a laser-like focus on creating efficiencies at every opportunity while maintaining the highest standards of quality.